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PH12 PharmASep Pharmaceutical Aseptic Separator


SWECO PharmASep™ Filter/Dryers were designed for the aseptic batch filtration and washing of pharmaceutical solids and for their further de-watering and drying. All processes are completed within the sealed chamber without any need for intermediate transfer, handling, or exposure to the external environment.

The PharmASep uses gentle, patented Vibro-Energy motion to promote fluid separation at low differential pressures. The motion is then combined with nitrogen purge to fluidize the bed of solids for gentle, efficient drying. No mechanical stirring devices are required. Solids are generally discharged as a flow-able powder with consistent dryness and free of lumps.

Lab Filter/Dryer
The SWECO PharmASep™ Filter/Dryer is available in lab-scale sizes that can be used to process up to 1kg (at 0.51 kg/m² bulk density) of pharmaceutical-grade materials in an aseptic environment. The lab-friendly designs are capable of the complete flexibility that today’s R&D laboratories require. Results from the PH12 can be used to scale to production-size equipment.

Production Filter/Dryer
Production-scale SWECO PharmASep Filter/Dryers can process batches of up to 25kg (at 0.51 kg/m² bulk density) of solids. They can also be used in a “continuous-batch” mode where wet separation is required without drying. The sealed pressure vessel design, with its highly-polished, crevice-free interior, maximizes yields and reduces potential for contamination while containing potent pharmaceutics for safer handling. Unique Vibro-Dry technology, developed by SWECO, promotes vacuum drying while the product is gently tumbled and blended on the screen surface, accelerating drying and minimizing the potential to form agglomerates.

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