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Agriculture Separation

Agriculture Separation

Agriculture Separation
Agriculture is concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock. SWECO separators can be found in many plants around the world who deal with one or more components of agriculture. Many processors depend on SWECO equipment to facilitate the processing of their products. From wheat, corn and nut production to dairy and poultry farms, SWECO is there to make the process possible.

Round Screeners for Agriculture

ROUND SEPARATORS - Our traditional round separators can be found throughout the agriculture industry. SWECO separators can be found in a lot of different applications. To name just a few - rice, nuts, vegetables, meal, wheat, barley, and many other grains and much more. Simple and efficient design, long screen life, and easy screen changes. more…

Gyratory Sifters for Agriculture

GYRATORY SIFTERS - SWECO Gyratory Sifters can be used in the agriculture industry for higher volume processing of dry materials. These compact and energy efficient sifters utilize a parallel feed system to enable processing on multiple screen levels without increasing the footprint of the machine. With 240 ft² (22 m²) of screen area, the sifters are ideal for various agriculture applications, including corn and various grains. more…

Sta-Sieve Screeners for Agriculture

STA-SIEVE SCREENERS - The SWECO Sta-Sieve Stationary Screening Device provides fast, efficient separation of solids from liquids. It is ideally suited for applications utilizing large quantities of water in agriculture applications, such as wastewater cleanup. more…