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Recycling Separation

Recycling Separation

Recycling Separation
Recycling is the process of treating waste materials so as to make them suitable for reuse. Some of the more commonly recycled materials are plastic, paper, glass, and metal. Recycling facilities around the world utilize SWECO separators in the processing of these and other recycling applications. Whether you require our Vibro-Energy Round Separator, our high capacity rectangular separators or one of our gyratory sifters, SWECO has the system specific to your application.

Round Screeners for Recycling

ROUND SEPARATORS - Our traditional round separators can be found throughout the recycling industry. The vibratory action of the separator and precise screen mesh produce clean and efficient cuts necessary for production. Simple and efficient design, long screen life, and easy screen changes. more…

Rectangular Separators for Recycling

RECTANGULAR SEPARATORS - SWECO Rectangular Separators are utilized in the recycling industry for higher volume processing. The rectangular machines allow for adjustable deck angles, which enables our customers to optimize their processes by controlling the residence time for the material on the screen. more…

Gyratory Sifters for Recycling

GYRATORY SIFTERS - SWECO Gyratory Sifters can be used in the recycling industry for higher volume processing in dry applications. These compact and energy efficient sifters utilize a parallel feed system to enable processing on multiple screen levels without increasing the footprint of the machine. With 240 ft² (22 m²) of screen area, the sifters are ideal for various recycling applications such as plastic and glass. more…