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Lab Testing

The SWECO Technology Centers - located in Florence, Kentucky and Nivelles, Belgium - have been set up to provide comprehensive separation and grinding test analysis of most material. With the use of our wide range of test machines, SWECO can determine process feasibility and provide detailed Sieve Analysis or Particle Size Analysis of the materials before and after processing. With our “scaling” capabilities, we can also determine capacities on various machine sizes.

To learn more about the SWECO Technology Centers or to set up a test:

Americas Contact your local representative
Europe Contact David Panneels at +32 485 32 57 65 or DPanneels@sweco.com
India Contact Rajesh Bahuguna at +91 98 4811 5215 or RBahuguna@slb.com
SE Asia Contact Corrine Beh at +65 6762 1167 or corrine.beh@sweco.com
China Contact Xiaohong (Jessie) Chen at +86 21 6409 1531 or jessie.chen@sweco.com